Goals for the 3rd week of February 2018

Last week I put together a publishing schedule, so I resolve to create more content this year. I set up a special Google Calendar so I get reminders through the week. This means weekly updates here about the general things going on under the different imprints, more Instagram pictures, tweets, and more blog posts in general. The goal this year is to steadily create more content for all the different projects I seem to have going at the moment.

I spent more time with Kiddiewalks last week writing up our trip to the computer history museum in Mountain View (https://www.kiddiewalks.com/blog/2018/2/planning-a-visit-to-the-computer-history-museum-in-mountain-view).

I’m also setting up an actual e-mail subscriber list with Convert Kit, and I’m ramping up with that one soon.

I still need to spend some time reviewing my KidTins offerings, making the free game easier to download and to get started on my San Francisco game. I’ve been taking an Illustrator class on Skillshare to tune up my skills to make this effort easier. I haven’t really used much of Illustrator since my college days.

And finally, I still need to spend some time on Adventuring in. My final book sections for the Getting Out for Weekend Adventures book are nearly done and I’m close to settling on the book titles for the series. I want to set up some supplemental pages on my site for further material from that book too. Then I need to finish the template for the next book: 52 Weekend Adventures around the SF Bay Area. I’m looking forward to wrapping the current book and getting started with that one.

Goals for the 2nd week of February 2018

In the efforts to get more things done and published regularly, I thought starting out the week with some practical intentions would be a good idea. Next week I’ll revise this list and talk about how this went.


  • Blog post about visiting the free day at the Academy of Science SF last weekend
  • Come up with a plan for this weekend and write a brief post


  • Revise book and series titles
  • Finish off open sections of “Getting Out For Day-Trip Adventures”
  • Prep 52 weekend adventure template
  • work on first aid freebie download
  • investigate mailing list providers


  • review current games
  • start work on illustrator template
  • plan SF game